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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Protection of the Green Tara Goddess

I haven't written lately because I've come up against a very difficult situation at work. My work takes quite a central place in my life because of the nature of my job. I wish it didn't but even when I'm not there it takes up a lot of my mind space. I work in the public sector and my actions affect other people's lives, so it's hard to escape it. Lately I've been working with a very difficult group of people . . . and I'm in situations where I'm yelled at in a foreign language for long periods of time. It's one of those situations where you try all the different strategies that you learn but nothing works. The only positive response I've gotten is when I yell back which I hate to do. I find that I'm spending hours of my day dwelling on it or complaining to someone else about it. I know my mind is in a bad place but I have trouble stopping myself from repeating scenarios in my head.

I'm not sure how I fell into it because I did fall into it . . . but I started calling on the Green Tara Goddess for protection. I must admit that even though I'm a Wiccan, I'm open to a lot of variations in my faith and I believe that the Goddess/God can manifest itself in so many ways . . . most of my worship and devotion has been around Mary, who I perceive as the Goddess. I do this partly beacause I grew up Catholic and that is what I was most familiar and comfortable with. I've spent time calling on Kwan Yin a bit but I've found new solace with the Green Tara. She offers me something quite different! There's something very comforting about her and I believe she is helping me a great deal in this horrible situation at work. She is the Goddess that can protect against unfortunate circumstances . . . that's what I'm in!! I've been chanting her mantra and I've put a statue of her at the centre of my altar.

Blessed Be Great Green Tara Goddess!


  1. I am the author of the inkessential blog for the calligraphy artist Tashi Mannox, It has been brought to my attention that the above calligraphy of the Green Tara mantra is created by Tashi Mannox and yet has not been credited to him, please note the origin from where this image was taken without prior permission: http://inkessential.blogspot.com/2009/07/tara.html

    Please credit the image to Tibetan calligraphy artist Tashi Mannox

    With thanks and best wishes


  2. But you're not a Buddhist. A bunch of Wiccans go around, worshiping Mahakala, Green Tara, Shakyamuni, and a bunch of other deities that they don't even know about. You see a name, a picture, and read a paragraph, and whallah!
    It's a disgrace to the deities you claim to worship.

    1. The reason for that is that the charge of the Goddess as well as the charge of the God states that all Goddess`s are one Goddess and all Gods are one God meaning that Green Tara would be another form of the Great Mother Goddess I don't see why that would offend a Buddhist she is using the correct mantra and the situation she is in would call for one who desires to do the virtuous thing would withdraw into meditation on compassion and whallah Green Tara just happens to be a goddess of compassion also most true Buddhists aim to create happiness for all beings and rid all ignorance like the statement you just made there can be. Zen Christians why can't there be Zen wiccans?