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Friday, September 3, 2010

Wanna get Burned?

I see this ad for perfume on huge store fronts as I go to work every morning in the downtown. Is it just me or do any other feminists and/or Wiccans find this really disturbing and distasteful?

Does it bear any striking resemblences?
Every morning I pass this ad and shudder.
I don't know if I'm recalling a past life or if I'm completely
disturbed that women are responding to an ad where they are
silence and restricted . . . to express their "womanity"!?!


  1. Pretty creepy, now that you point out its potentially darker meaning.

  2. Oh geez, until you pointed out the iron maiden, I thought it looked like the robot from Metropolis!

  3. This add confuses me. Why does the woman look angry in the bottom left? Does the perfume smell funny? And why, in the top right photo, is she wearing an oversized perfume cap on her head? And what the heck is "womanity"? Linguistically it means "the state of womanhood". What does that even mea - ...Oh my god... The perfume is made of human females! Ahhh!!!!

  4. Oh damn! I would have probably not noticed it if you had not pointed it out. But you are right, and you might have a point in saying that maybe you are bringing back some memories you didn't form in this life. And if the latter is true, sorry and ouch!