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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Divine Messages and Careful Samhain Shopping

I've had a few interesting "coincidences" lately. Started back at work and my room has just had a major cleaning. Walked in and found a straw broom and a black hat (unfortunately not a witch's hat but quite similar) on my piano!! Coincidence? I'm not really "out" as a Wiccan and I'm not sure my cleaning staff have figured it out. Hmmm . . .

Today a young Caribbean girl comes into my life. Her name is Mariam and it turns out she's pregnant. I want to be supportive of her because she can't be more than 17. I ask her when she's due . . . she says "Christmas Eve." Well, anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I honour Mary as one form of the Goddess . . . and she plays a central role in my life. So again . . . coincidence? I will be seeing a lot of her over the next few months.

Just an aside . . . I'm reading a lot about people picking up stuff for their altars at Dollar Stores and Department Stores just before Samhain. I think it's funny that we do this . . . but then again, I'm Irish and I have to wait to St. Patrick's Day before I can pick up some of the Irish stuff I like. I'm reading on blogs and Facebook about Pagans shopping at Walmart, Target and other stores but I hope that we are all being socially conscious before we run out and shop.

There was a letter published recently on Inciting a Riot's Blog about how suburban people can't be Pagans because they couldn't understand the faith and way of life. I don't agree with this line of thinking and think the guys is way off, however, I do think suburban (and urban) Pagans can make some un-wise decisions in their shopping, especially in the name of their faith, which help to support large corporations who might support some ideals that we aren't in favour of. I know it's not always easy or efficient but I hope we shop wisely and make good decisions which help everyone in our large communities. Remember that every time you buy something, you making a "vote" about what should be stocked in our stores and which stores should stock things or even remain open . . . simple rules of supply and demand.
Blessed Be! :)

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. I believe that there are no coincidences, and that we should always pay attention when these things happen. Seems like there are some important messages for you.