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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mystical Purchases

I've bought two new purchases within the last few weeks that I thought I would share with you. I love when I find Pagan/Wiccan items that I like because I usually have to search far and wide for them. Sometimes I never find what I'm looking for at all. For example, I have a friend who worships Kali, especially when she's going through changes in her life. If you don't know, Kali is the mover of obstacles and kills things you don't need on your path. Her image can be grotesque but what do you expect from a mover of obstacles? Anyways, I wanted to buy a statue of her for my friend but I can't find a nice one anywhere. I was excited to see one on a Wiccan website yesterday but it didn't look good. She looked too nice . . . lol! Even the Hindu stores around here don't seem to have her.

When I was in Halifax I visited the store Little Mysteries and found this candle stand of the Goddess that I thought was simply amazing. I love that She is a womanly figure without any distinctions other than She is made of nature (i.e., grass and flowers). As much as I talk about Mary or Kali or any other form of the God/Goddess, there's a part of me that thinks it's way beyond our comprehension. That's why I love this indistinct nature figure that holds a flame over her head. I've put her on a second altar in my living room so that I can see while I work. She keeps company with Kwan Yin and an African statue of Mary.

A couple days ago I went into a Chinese stone store. I had the idea that I wanted to buy a crystal ball but never thought I could afford it. It turns out that they were having a sale! A small-ish crystal ball (not too small) was going for $35! I couldn't turn it up. I'm very interested in scrying and I've never tried it. I'll need to learn more soon :)


  1. Cool acquisitions! I'm looking for a statue of Kali too. I've seen several over the years, but never one that really connected with me. But one day I know She will appear!

  2. What great finds. I also have the Goddess statue. I bought her last year. The minute I saw her I couldn't put her down.