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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brief Update

I haven't written on this blog in ages. Let's just say that life got tough and I had to make some choices. That horrible situation with my job . . . I had planned to quit, then another job came along that I thought was going to be much better . . . but honestly I'm not happy with that either. At least I'm not in the abusive situation I was in before! Honestly, I would just love to move to a smaller, accepting community of Wiccans, Pagans, Tree-huggers, hippies or anything and get out of this rat race of consumerism and commercialism.

On a brighter note, I tried knitting a Pentacle Dishcloth. I found the pattern on a website by accident: Pentacle Cloth by Veronica. Her's looks quite nice in purple. I thought I should do it in wool, so I found some grey wool but it didn't turn out as nicely as hers. In face, it's hard to see the patten at all. Kind of a shame when you put all that work into it. I might try it again in another colour.


  1. Hey guy, glad you're back again -- missed ya! Sounds like you need to move to Saltspring Island or somewhere alternative like that. Your pentacle dishcloth rocks!

  2. So glad to hear you're still around! That makes me happy Debra!! I'll look into that Saltspring island :)