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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toronto Chaos

I've been slow to update because this has been an emotional week with large high and deep lows . . . not to mention what is happening with Toronto. My emotions can get the best of me to the point where they are almost debilitating. I have some problems with depression which I try to work through in many ways . . . but I don't like to bitch about that, even though I know its a reality that I have to work through. As an artist, I also tend to overreact quickly. I also have to remind myself to step back from the situation, take time, and then re-approach it more logically. Its a hard lesson to learn and it takes a long time to figure out how to do it. Sometimes I just want to start screaming and yelling and I know that it won't help the situation at all. As a witch with a meditation practice this is where it should kick in to help . . . but that's the last time I want to do. Usually I just sit and stew! I'm not sure how to get over this.

The energy in Toronto is horrible right now. I'm sure that no matter where you are in the world, you're seeing our city due to the G20. Violence to this extent is very unheard of in Canada!! I'm embarrassed for our city and our country. I'm watching our local news station and I feel like I'm watching sensationalist CNN!! I was worried about how the rest of the world is perceiving us as we're usually seen as a very peaceful country. However, some of the world media (e.g., France, Britain, USA) is saying that they are used to much more violence, so this is really nothing to them. I'm still not happy with that. You can really feel the oppressive energy of they city. It's already hard to be a Wiccan in the city . . . this makes it worse. Maybe I should sit and try to focus some positive energy back into the city.

As I live downtown, I decided to step out for a bit when some of the violence was done and I got some of these pictures. It's really sad! To be really honest, I don't see either side of this. How can the G20 really get any work done in 2 days? What message are the protesters, whether they are peaceful or violent, expecting to get across? Can they really get a message out? Why can't the leaders make some deal with Microsoft where they get a super-secure video conference line where they can really discuss issues . . . or at the very least . . . why not a meeting in Antarctica? The penguins probably won't protest . . . i think :)

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  1. The G20 conference is really just pretty predictable theatre. Big display of police security on the one side. On the other, a big display of violent protest by anarchists who come to the event from all over the world (most from the US, I believe). Some genuine, peaceful protest does occur too (local groups). Everybody gets their 15 minutes of film footage and then they all go home again. Is anything really achieved by either side? No. It's just our tax dollars at work!