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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meditation Inspiration

Much of witchcraft deals with visualization. Visualization of objects, colours, ideas in your mind or a visualization of how you would like the future to be. I do have a meditation practice which remain somewhat Zen (a clearing of the mind) but when it comes to certain visualization techniques I have some difficulty. You see, I'm one of those people who has a difficult time visualizing things clearly in my mind. I also relate it to the fact that I seem to have difficulty with "spatial intelligence." I cannot tell if furniture will fit in my home by just looking at it. I cannot tell how far a car is down the street and if I should wait for it or cross the street now. So, I do find visualization exercises or techniques somewhat challenging. It is something I'm working on.

I'm currently reading Kerr Cuhulain's book, "Full Contact Magick". A complete review will come later but I wanted to share a visualization technique that he suggests from Dr. Jonn Mumford, a doctor of Eastern medicine and yoga which is called "CASE". CASE is an acronym which spells Colour, Action, Size, and Emotion. What you can do is imagine the brightest and most vibrant colours, objects that move and have action, huge objects that are much larger than the size of our brains, and objects that we might have some emotional feelings toward.

I often try to meditate on the chakra system to open them and move the energy through my body. Sometimes I'm successful but sometimes I find this difficult. In this type of meditation you are supposed to start at the base or root chakra and open all of them moving up through the spine until all the energy moves up through the body and out through the crown chakra. To open each chakra you are supposed to see the related colour and open it. This I have trouble doing. I meditate in lotus position with my eyes closed, as I am most comfortable, but I cannot always see the colours. I think I will take the advice from Dr. Mumford and Cuhulain and try applying it. I think it may also help to visualize actual objects rather than a simple sphere of colour. I was thinking that fruit may be helpful, as it comes in a variety of vibrant colours. We will see what happens and I'll keep you posted.


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