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Friday, August 20, 2010

Vegetarian Visiting Halifax

I went on vacation again! Had some time on my hands and wanted to get away, so I went to Halifax, Nova Scotia. What a wonderful city!! The people are friendly, there's a lot to see, and if you love history like I do . . . it's fascinating. Halifax plays a very important role in the history of Canada.

One of the most interesting things for me to see was Little Mysteries Bookstore. This bright spiritual store had a wondeful energy and sold a variety of Wiccan books in addition to wonderful jewellery, shirts, decorations, and so much more. They even have a variety of tarot readers that are there most days of the weeks. In general the city seems to be quite open to Pagan peoples (I saw people wearing pentagrams!) and paranormal ideas. I went on a Ghost Walk Tour and people were open to talking about their haunting experiences.

Now this probably won't interest my regualr readers but I wanted to give some advice to people who might Google "vegetarian, Halifax, and visit" . . . but don't be freaked out by the Wiccan blog . . . lol! It is a little difficult to find vegetarian food in Halifax. You are in one of the seafood capitals of Canada! If you keep walking around all the mainstream restaurants, you might get tired of eating vegetarian pizza, as I was! So here's a few suggestions.

The downtown is small, so it is so easy to get around. One of the most overlooked restaurants in Halifax that I only found by accident is Talay Thai Restaurant. The food there was amazing and I think I'm quite picky when it comes to Thai. There are only two restaurants that I enjoy in Toronto and this was comparable. The have quite a few vegetarian dishes on the menu . . . and even the appetizers.

One restaurants that all the locals like is called The Wooden Monkey. While they do specialize in organic, locally grown and macrobiotic food, I personally find that they don't have a huge selection of vegetarian food. I'm so glad that there's a restaurant being socially conscious but people will tell you that it is vegetarian but there not a lot of options. Someone did tell me that they are happy to change ingredients if people have food allergies . . . so maybe you can ask them to change up some of their options. The ambience of the place is wonderful :)

There is one fully vegetarian restaurant in Halifax, Satisfaction Feast but I don't drive and its a bit farther so I didn't go there. If you were up to a far walk it would probably be about an hour. I walked to Seaview Memorial Park on the other side of Halifax and that took me an hour and this restaurant doesn't seem as far.

The last suggestion is not a vegetarian restaurant but a seafood restaurant. In fact, they only seem to have one vegetarian meal on the dinner menu but it is well worth visiting!!! The Five Fisherman Restaurant used to be Anna Leonowens' art school (you know, the woman who inpired the musical 'The King and I'), and during the Halifax Explosion it turned into a morgue. So, it turns out that this place is VERY HAUNTED! I went during a non-busy part of the day and my wonderful server took the time to show me upstairs and told me that everyone who worked there has seen something paranormal. There's a girl ghost who shows up in the women's bathroom and a man in the dining room. The silerware and the glasses will move and fly off the tables. Every morning they have to reorganize the tables because everything is on the floor. Neat Place! Oh, and the vegetarian dish they serve is a vegetable gnocchi :)

Bon Appetite Halifax visitors!

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  1. I love Halifax! And Little Mysteries Bookstore too! So glad you went there. Vegetarians must be very, very resourceful to find places to eat. It's great that your persistence was rewarded with some good meals.